Nanjing optimization skills: how to optimize the image of the website?

Nanjing seo optimization cost SEO how to optimize website pictures?

Now most people know that in the Internet age, each of us must master certain online knowledge, otherwise we will derail with the society. When it comes to website optimization, what we are more concerned about is that some people say that it will be better to add the image ranking. Let’s talk about how to optimize the image of the website.

Logo image optimization is concise..

The logo represents the company image. A good logo design can refresh the feeling of visitors and provide higher quality services for our brand. Therefore, for the optimization of the logo, we must pay attention to the beauty and simplicity of the logo picture to show the main purpose of the company. Don’t just go to Baidu to look for a slightly modified picture as a website logo. There is only one person who will make people feel that you are a lazy person. So, do you think what lazy people do can win the favor of users?

Do not forget to localize images before using them.

The images added on the website are taken by you as much as possible. Even if you do not take them, you must download the images and upload them to the website. Nanjing seo optimization fee. Although finding the required pictures and copying and pasting them directly will save a lot of time. However, this is not conducive to the ranking of Baidu websites, which seriously affects the loading speed and stability of images. Therefore, do not choose this method to save time or upload images to the local server of the website. The details of doing a good job in ranking websites will definitely be improved.

The number of these three photos should be controlled.

Adding images to websites can enhance user experience, but SEO websites should also control the number of images. Sometimes improper control over the number of images may backfire. Therefore, SEO station must control the number of pictures on the website. If it is not easy to place too much, it will increase the volume of the page and affect the loading speed and user experience of the webpage. I believe many companies know the importance of user experience to enterprises. To ensure the normal loading of web pages, we recommend that you place no more than 4 images in the web text.

The size of the four photos should be appropriate.

The control of website image size is basically that technical work is not easy to be too large or too small, which may affect the opening of the website. If it is too small, it may affect the definition of the picture. Therefore, Nanjing seo optimization cost must pay attention to this point. Generally speaking, if the product photo picture is controlled at 800 × 600px (if there is a sidebar, it should be reduced appropriately), this size can not only meet the display effect of mainstream display screen. You can also visually display the product and it will not be too slow to open the web page. However, for some special pictures, of course, we should fully consider the visual experience.

The selection of image format should be cautious.

Deprecated image formats, such as PNGBMP, because the image size of these formats is usually relatively large, which directly affects the image loading speed. It is not conducive to the operation of the website; The image pixel is not high, the color is incorrect, such as defects, etc., must not be used; In the general image format. Currently, the general image format is JPEG.

Six ALT tags must be written.

Many people know the ALT tag, but few people will pay attention to the cost of Nanjing seo optimization. Now when you open the website, you will find that the ALT attribute of many website photos is basically the same ALT, which is simple but important. He made us have different ALT. Duplicate ALT tags are a major disadvantage of website optimization, resulting in excessive website duplication. When we use the ALT attribute, we must add different ALT attributes to different images, which helps reduce duplication. Search engines like and differ best. It is more conducive to the capture of spiders.

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