Do you need to pay attention to mobile promotion?

At the beginning of the rise of network marketing, many enterprises are ranking websites, and websites are an important “bridge” for enterprises to do network marketing and an important link to communicate with users. However, with the development of mobile search engine optimization, the promotion of mobile websites is also a way that cannot be ignored.

Why do you want to build a mobile website? The three advantages of mobile website production should be seen clearly.

I. The powerful function of mobile Internet

It is convenient for users to view information anytime and anywhere. Needless to say, this function is obvious to all. They, including friends around them, are using their mobile phones to browse information, which further illustrates that, potential customers of their own enterprises will also use their mobile phones to view browsing information and solve their own needs.

II. The convenience and speed of mobile Internet

Nowadays, the use of mobile phones is more common. The mobile phones are small in size and easy to operate, allowing users to browse the information they want to browse anytime and anywhere, unlike those that can only be fixed on the PC side, it is also necessary to consider whether there is a network nearby. The mobile terminal is not only convenient, but also the user group is larger than the computer. The age group is used from primary school students to the elderly, indicating that users at any age, you can use your mobile phone to browse.

III. High efficiency of mobile Internet

The mobile phone can consult anytime and anywhere. Through the high conversion rate of the marketing mobile phone website, when the customer is interested, he will immediately consult the transaction. The mobile phone has the payment function, it can help you close this order immediately, saving complicated process, relevant time and higher efficiency.

Whether the future development trend of mobile terminal is good or not, I believe many people know that this is absolutely inestimable. Big data, VR, internet of things, combined with mobile terminal, what will happen, earth-shaking changes are not exaggerated.

Ranking Optimization how to do enterprise must improve marketing effect optimization

seo ranking optimization how to do enterprise must improve marketing effect SEO optimization

As more and more Internet users pay attention to mobile phones or personal computers, many companies have shifted from traditional advertising to Internet marketing. SEOSEMH5 marketing methods such as WeChat marketing continue to display Enterprise product brands in front of netizens. Nowadays, many enterprises use marketing to improve the timeliness, practicability and cost-effectiveness of sales, SEO optimization is a way closer to various requirements. If enterprises want to improve the marketing effect of websites, SEO optimization is essential for everyone.

There are many skills.

SEO optimization can not only improve the visual effect of the website through page design and layout, but also improve the positioning and use experience of users in the browsing process through reasonable distribution of keywords. In order to improve the ranking of websites and improve marketing efficiency, SEO optimization can also be done to a certain extent. Reasonable external chain publishing and content keyword layout have improved the marketing optimization of the website.

2 The CEO is highly targeted.

I believe you also know that different people have basically different tastes. Customers in different industries believe that marketing plans are also different. SEO keywords are generally highly correlated with external links. The basic way to reach the website is to understand the real needs of consumer towns and a step of SEO optimization, so as to steadily increase the accurate traffic of the website, thus bringing better economic benefits. How to do seo ranking optimization.

Compared with SEO, SEO is more effective.

In the fast-paced life, the competition is very fierce, especially when the e-commerce industry enters the rapid development, many different manufacturers are looking for a way to improve the sales efficiency. This method selects SEO optimization with professional technicians and professional operation procedures, which can quickly locate customers and ensure the increase of customer sales website traffic. Search can maximize the economic benefits of consumers.

Fourth, the service scope is wide.

Now there are many different customers in the e-commerce industry competing for how to optimize the seo ranking of the products sold by these customers. If we want to contribute to our products. Finding SEO optimization is the best way to increase traffic and marketing quotas.

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What should I pay attention to when optimizing the mobile phone?

What should I pay attention to in seo optimization?

SEO uses search rules of search engines to improve the ranking of destination sites in search engines. It’s easy to do, but some people don’t get the reward they deserve. Search engines do not seem to like our website. This is why, uh, uh, we usually ignore some details in the optimization process, so our optimization effect is not obvious. So, when we do website SEO, what details should we pay attention?

1meta description.

The website describes the important position of Keyword, but now many people seem to pay less attention to this description, which is not only helpful for Keyword ranking. It also helps users judge websites. First, determine your core keywords, and then arrange and combine them. In addition, the scope of enterprise management, such as product/service name, industry positioning, and enterprise name or brand name. The description should be a sentence containing target keywords to highly summarize the website to meet users’ reading habits.

Domain name and server options.

When you purchase a website domain name, you should purchase the domain name in an official place. If you have used drugs to find out the history of domain names, do not use them. In the past, my friend’s station was optimized very well, but it just didn’t improve. Finally, I knew that I bought a domain name seo for many times to optimize Yougang cloud on the mobile phone. Hosts also have a great influence on the ranking of search engines. When looking for a host supplier, avoid using free hosts and selecting trusted host suppliers. But you can’t stand to let you give you some trouble every three times.

Three directory structures and URLs.

Some people like to make websites fancy and complicated. In fact, the website directory structure is simple, which is not only beneficial for users to click and view, but also beneficial for spiders to crawl. We recommend that you build the website directory into a flat tree structure. It is best not to exceed four words. There is also a problem of URL unification. A unified URL is not only convenient for optimization, but also reduces weight dispersion. The same page may also cause duplicate pages.

The effectiveness and universality of the external chain.

Many people are in that chain every day. Every day, there are several external platforms at hand, and then they are always in this place. This kind of external chain construction is Dad. Since the external chain must be effective, the better the effect, the better your work suggestions will be. Your work advice is written by a Jiu Gui or a senior executive of a large enterprise. The popularity of external chains has also had a great impact on SEO. In many places, the function of the external chain must be greater than that of many places.

Five website vulnerabilities.

The security problem of websites is that as long as there is no SEOER, it is rarely managed. In fact, this kind of security problem is still very few, but once it happens, it is as deadly as the security problem before Lu Songsong blog. seo mobile terminal optimizes Yougang cloud. Website vulnerability testing does not require us to occasionally go to some security testing websites for testing, such as 360 website security testing website security dog security alliance. You can also install a safe dog directly on the website to speed up the music, so that you can find the problem in time.

Data Analysis 6..

Disliking data analysis is a bad habit. We need to test and analyze SEO regularly. Only through continuous analysis of website data can we know where the weakness of website optimization lies, not only analyzing our own data, but also analyzing opponents. Only by analyzing the website and users can we find the problem and solve it.

7 lock files.

The ROBOTS File believes that many people don’t care about it, especially when they take over a new website. It is easy to ignore the role of ROBOTS. This is because the Robots file has this function, so sometimes website optimization is very good, but it is not included in the ranking. The results show that the ROBOTS file prohibits access by spiders. Of course, many times it is wrong, some are artificial, some are intentional, or the website is invaded, no matter how regular inspection, seo mobile terminal optimization Youbang cloud this is just a glance.

The importance of 8 website maps.

In most cases, optimization ignores website maps. In fact, the website map has little influence on ranking, but good website map design is often reflected in the complex directory relationship in the website topology. It is static, intuitive, flat and simple. It is not only beneficial to spider crawling and capturing, but also beneficial to user browsing.

These are eight major problems that we easily ignore in SEO optimization. These minor problems may lead to the stagnation of our website ranking, so we are doing SEO optimization. Or the details of other things determine the eternal truth of success or failure.

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