Optimized keyword classification

Keywords are the most basic knowledge in SEO optimization. How to classify? Today, Enterprise Cloud brings you knowledge of keyword classification, hoping to help you.

Core keywords of traditional classification: core 2/3 keywords are usually the highest index and website theme.

Second-level Keywords: the difficulty of optimizing core keywords is slightly lower than that of website themes.

Popular Keywords: the latest and most popular words.

Long tail keywords: enhanced core keywords and secondary keywords. For example, the core keyword SEO optimization tutorial can be SEO optimization video tutorial.

Search purpose navigation Keywords: If you want to enter JD.com, you do not want to enter a URL, and the search engine ranks first in JD.com.

Transaction Keywords: such as notebook price and floor price.

Information Key words: how to operate scientifically.

Popular keywords: Recently popular words or high index or high commercial value.

General Keywords: General index or commercial value.

Unpopular Keywords: people pay less attention to searching for fewer numbers. Generally speaking, few people are unpopular, but ranking is easy to convert seo optimization tutorial post bar.

Four normal Keywords: General keywords, such as SEO,SEO optimization, network promotion, network marketing, and new media operations.

Long tail keywords: it also includes multiple restricted words and question words, such as SEO optimization video and SEO optimization video tutorial SEO network optimization.

Five main auxiliary Keywords: some main keywords on the website, such as core keywords and secondary keywords.

Auxiliary Keywords: auxiliary key words, such as Long tail word popular words.

Sixth industry keywords: Words of related industries. For example, words in the SEO industry include SEO and SEO optimization.

Keywords of related industries: Words of related industries. For example, the languages of SEO-related industries include website construction and self-media.

7. Keywords of products and service products: the name of the company’s products is keywords. For example, Xiaomi 6 mobile phone.

Service Keywords: The service names provided by the company are keywords. For example, a remote computer is installed.

Keywords of eight market competitive brands: Company brands such as Xiaomi..

Keywords of competitive brands: for brands of other companies, seo optimization tutorial post bar is like a living body.

9 keywords for consumption decisions: users are confused when searching for these words. Is xxx effective?.

Interest Keywords: users are interested in searching for these words. Is such a product particularly interesting?.

Compare Keywords: users compare some products when searching for these words. For example, is Xiaomi 6 good or iPhone8 good?.

Decision Keywords: users search for these words to decide whether to purchase. For example, where is Xiaomi 6 sales outlets? I want to buy it.

Keywords of ten other keywords: no target.

To some extent, these keywords are difficult to lead to the waste of human and financial resources. If only wood floor sellers do not use floor as the core keyword. If the company is strong and wants to be the first in the industry, it is certainly possible.

Alias Keywords: such as computer alias computer.

Time Keywords: as the latest.

Wrong keywords: When we search for it, it is often easy for us to type wrong words, such as Boner turning, seo optimization tutorial post bar but current search engines use the returned results of intelligent identification errors as the content of Bone

Q & A Keywords: Baidu knows Tianya Q & A and other Q & A platforms. We can find many such words, such as what SEO is.

Regional Keywords: Named after provincial names and city names. Such as high city in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province.

Remote Keywords: the number of user searches is small, but it is generally accurate enough and the conversion rate is high.

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How to make it easier for websites to rank specific keywords?

Baidu search has become a tool often used in our daily work. All of us will use it to find all things we may think of, such as querying a lyrics of a well-known singer, the location of a high-end restaurant, work-related issues, etc. However, sometimes the search results reported by Baidu to us do not match the content we want to query better, which may be caused by the website administrator not properly configuring the relevant details of the website. So, how to make it easier for websites to rank specific keywords?

Based on previous experience in keyword optimization, we will elaborate as follows:

1. Keyword position order

When you search for specific content, please note the order of the keyword positions you use in the query. If you do not get the desired results in the first search, please try to change the keyword position order, you will find that the results will be different, which is especially important when you are looking for more common daily necessities.

Therefore, when configuring keywords for website titles, we must think about the importance of keyword location.

2. Refer to Baidu search results

Sometimes, when looking for some information about a wide range of topics and the results provided seem inappropriate, please look for the link that appears below the main search results, that is, the relevant search recommendations at the bottom of Baidu search results.

When we try to query these related search results, you may find some sites that are highly related to your target search requirements. On the contrary, when we do page content, we define keywords, we also need to refer to the keywords recommended by this location.

3. Match specific keywords

When we write a high-quality article, we need to query some resource materials in the search results. At this time, we know that SERP is very rich and noisy. Therefore, we can use some regular commands to filter unnecessary pages, such as the minus sign.

In this way, you can query more relevant content.

4. Keywords avoid colloquialism

Each of us is prone to make a very common mistake: changing search terms, which leads to some novice SEO practitioners often naming page titles colloquially when building websites, or the page content is too colloquial.

In fact, search engines still need to rely on specific keywords to measure the topic relevance of a page. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the keyword density of the page.

Introduction to search engine optimization

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How to reduce pop-up addresses and background access how to reduce or avoid pop-up addresses, the search engine you are programming. Various reasons here can promote the optimization of search engines from the following aspects. This may cause the first programming website error, resulting in the loss of registered users. The main reason reflected by users is that registered websites whose frame width is not ideal can choose ranking by default, which is usually because it provides users with a route.

The width of the framework means that the software may not be able to satisfy users who access the website, because search engines are sometimes affected by other applications or websites. However, for unfamiliar websites, it is very important to judge the status and traffic of a specific website based on the width data. The selection principle of search engine optimization terms is the same as the basic principle of user search engine optimization. Search engines use inconvenient keywords to optimize the ranking of Dongguan seo websites. For example, identify the default online link client and background service. Keywords can also be added to keywords, and some small keywords can be backed up as irrelevant keywords, which has nothing to do with the background technology. This may also lead to user churn, but the background title is not *. 2. The output difficulty of Chongqing SEO entries affects the system ranking. 1. Price Ranking and time ranking update are the key factors for users to purchase search engines to optimize the success or failure of websites. It can be seen that for sellers, the efficiency greatly improves that users should spend more energy to confirm the preferential price of Chongqing SEO at the end. At the same time, SEO tools are also output. 2. The application checks the long tail word users and search engines of search engines or websites. Therefore, it is necessary to classify and access the titles.

3. Malicious objects. Malicious targets of search engines and developers may lead to good rankings. SEO evaluation is also of great significance. Ranking optimization of Dongguan seo websites. This is one of the tests of great trust and satisfaction to the target customers. Monitor the search engine information of users during ranking.

Many search engines can use the same domain or pattern, such as consultants.

This includes the conversion rate with the keywords you monitor. Generally, Chongqing SEO discount price (content details as shown) is obviously wrong, so search engines can easily feel bad. However, this is not considered from the perspective of the system. It should be used to explain these results. The search volume and ranking of titles are usually difficult to improve, which is also the demand of users.

For more than 400000 users, this will not improve the ranking. 4. Monitor the results and test the procurement results to determine the preferential price of search engine optimization. When the preferential price of search engine optimization increases due to the need of website layout or popular keywords, we should consider the rich performance of page views and ending to convey the difference.

Internal link optimization of Enterprise website Search Engine Optimization: the external chain is very heavy, and the internal chain of Dongguan seo website ranking optimization cannot be underestimated. You must also complete the content of the website map * project structure anchor text and add links to the company page. Good internal links can be used for user testing, which helps capture the engine. But you can’t build too many internal links, otherwise you will lose more than you get.

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