Analysis results based on server logs (server logs)

When I visit the forum, I often encounter webmasters asking this question: why does Baidu not include my website? How do I know if Baidu includes my website?. Many webmasters. In particular, novice webmasters may ignore a problem. In fact, whether spiders visit our website or not, Baidu includes our website or not. We can fully know. Because all these are clearly recorded by your space server. Next, we analyzed the server logs to answer the question. The following is the guidance. /// 13/Jun/2010/03/08 00. Get/Tag/Tag/Chentao528888888 server logs exist in SEO column page optimization on each space host. After downloading, you can double-click and open it. Simple Analysis: Baidu is the source of Baidu spiders. 13/Jun/2010/40/570800 is the access time and time zone, where 0800 is Beijing time. Get/Tag/ChenTao5288http/1.120017092 is the specific operation of this visit. In other words, the spider obtains the HTTP protocol version 1.1 of the page HTTP/1.1. 200HTP status code 200 indicates success. Don’t ask me what is the code for the HTP status. Ask Baidu. 17092-the size of the returned page file is byte SEO column page optimization. The self-introduction of spiders. Hey, I am source of Baidu Spider: this is my superficial analysis of Baidu spider access logs. I don’t know if this is easy enough to understand. Of course, you can also use this method to analyze Google robot Yahoo Spider and visitors on your website. It is very important to master this method. If you can develop good habits, you often analyze logs to find problems. I think your radio is closer to the tape. When you understand this, you should stop doubting: Baidu hasn’t come to your station yet. Which pages will be included? As long as the spider is still crawling on your website, SEO column page optimization please keep updated, so that it will be included sooner or later, even if it has not been released yet. It can be published tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Develop good habits of analysis and diligence. This is a symbol of the director’s maturity. I sincerely wish you success as soon as possible.

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