What does Fujian need for keyword optimization and optimization?

What do you need to optimize seo by brushing SEO keywords in Fujian?

With the increase of bidding cost, SEO is more and more popular among small and medium-sized enterprises, so what technology is needed for SEO optimization? Let’s share with you the main aspects of SEO optimization.

Keyword analysis (also known as the core location of keywords).

The most important part of SEO keyword core positioning is user demand analysis. The key point of keywords is to analyze the correlation analysis between keywords and websites by competitors, and to predict the keyword ranking of keyword index keyword layout.

Website Directory and page optimization.

SEO not only makes the homepage of the website have a good ranking on the search engine, Fujian brush seo keyword optimization of course, the weight of the homepage is the highest, but also makes every page of the website become the audience of popular articles. How to retain the content of the special page ranking scheme that users will use in the future.

The structure of three websites is analyzed.

Simple website structure and reptile preference of search engines are beneficial. Website structure analysis includes: reducing search engine identification codes (FlashJS videos). The deep design of the website structure is not conducive to the optimization of the website framework, and realizes the navigation and link optimization of the tree directory structure website.

Talk to the search engine.

Check the SEO effect in the search engine: your domain name knows the location and updates the seo keyword optimization in Fujian. To better realize the dialogue with search engines, we recommend that you use Google website management tools and webmasters to query.

5. Publish and link content.

Search engines like high-quality website content should be constantly updated, so four articles are published and updated every day to master tasks according to the quantity of content. Links within the website are arranged to organically connect the content of the entire website, so that search engines can understand the importance and keywords of each website. Friendship Contact movement is also the optimization of Fujian seo keyword at this time.

The traffic of 6 websites is analyzed.

Website Traffic analysis guides the next SEO strategy and guides the optimization of website user experience.

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