What problems should I pay attention to when optimizing services?

seo optimization service what problems should I pay attention to when optimizing SEO?

The key point of optimizing keywords in SEO is that Qingdao website optimization company has encountered such problems in SEO diagnosis. Some webmasters do not locate domain names at all. Sometimes Lindex.php or Index.asp are used. For users, the situation may be the same, but this is a different URL in the search engine, so you need to standardize the URL at this time. When there are multiple URLs, you only need to delete all INDEX suffixes.

2. This is a dynamic website. When the search engine is static, the same inner page is static and dynamic, resulting in multiple URLs on one page. This results in the loss of page weight, so all dynamic URLs are submitted to search engines and static URLs statically. You can also upload ROBOTSTXT blocked dynamic URLs. URL standardization should be noted: When some page links on the website are not static, they must be converted into the internal search function of the fake static website.

C.Nofollow label..

When a page on a website does not want to send weight, add Nofollow tags to block weight transmission. Note: Rel = Nofollow..

After completing the weight concentration, the second is to cultivate the weight. We can start from the following aspects of seo optimization services.

D. Articles at the station.

The important point of cultivating right is that at this stage, the content of our station articles seems to be insufficient. The content of our construction should be included in users as effectively as possible.

E. Update frequency.

We follow the principle of 5/10/15. This means that the frequency of updating articles in the first month of the new website is increasing from the second month of the fifth month to the third month of 10 articles every day. After the fourth month, it should be updated according to the website. If it is a large station, it will increase to 30 or more per day; If it is a small company station, it will be updated to the fourth month. You can reduce it to two or three articles every day, depending on the situation. It should be pointed out that the scope of not allowing website updates is too large, and occasionally it will not have much impact on the website.

F. Directional anchor text.

Targeted anchor text can improve the original degree of the article and the weight of the article. If each article can achieve targeted anchor text, the weight of the website will be very high. What are the seo optimization services. Use keywords to describe the keywords of each web page in detail is pointer anchor text.

G. The second navigation of the website.

Sometimes, what does Bosch have to do when keywords on the homepage and column pages cannot be placed on the navigation? For those who do SEO, keywords are very frustrating. To solve the problem in this way, the second navigation is very helpful to the ranking of keywords.

Diversity of external chains.

Not only can the targeted anchor text be externally linked, but also various words can be made according to keywords, making search engines considered as diverse and natural connections. It will not be punished to effectively increase the weight of the homepage. The difference between directional anchor text and diversity is that directional anchor text is used outside the station.

J. The station of the station.

When the website has a high weight and ranking within one or two years, you can create a level-1 directory system on the website, which seo optimization services are available and add BBS according to the website. BlogCMS, we call it a station. The interior of the station contributes to the inclusion and weight of the website. It should be noted that the system of the station should be the same as that of the main station.

K. Translation weight.

Inherit the weight of the main station by creating a secondary domain name. When the website is working within one or two years, you can consider transferring some to other pages. At this point, you can do some second-level domain names and optimize the translation weight of long tails.

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Which good value of Fujian promotion optimization drainage is only reflected in the ranking?

Does Fujian seo promotion optimize and drain which good SEO value is only reflected in the ranking?

That’s right. SEO is a search engine on search engines. It can display your website on the engine so that customers who need it can find you in the crowd. But it has a lot of value. From the perspective of sales, it is only one of them. If the customer comes, we can send the website to the customer as an example, which is better for seo promotion and optimized drainage in Fujian. In this way, sales can be directly completed.

We know that when the ranking rises, we will get traffic, but is it just that simple? SEO should cooperate with marketing department and technical department. The core of SEO is to optimize the user experience and content structure of the website. Fujian seo promotion optimizes which is better to improve customer experience and conversion rate.

However, this is not limited to the integration era that SEO personnel have entered. SEO personnel should take SEO as the center, integrate various resources, and establish transportation and brand ecosystem. Give full play to traffic value and brand influence which is better for Fujian seo promotion and optimization of drainage.

Some people may say that we exaggerate SEO. In fact, you think SEO can actually work on the platform, depending on your application.

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