Page length (page length) and page size (page length)

Website feedback:

The main content of the website is that JS does not optimize users’ access; However, the images used by the website for reptile optimization are also directly converted to Base64. The content found after optimization is not included in Baidu.

The page quality is very good, especially for reptiles. Why not include content?

Engineer analysis:

1. The website optimizes the secondary system content of images and directly puts them into HTML. SEO optimized websites make the page length too long and the website page length is 164K.

2. After optimizing the website, the main content is placed at the end, but the picture is placed at the front.

3. After the reptiles are captured, the SEO optimized website page content is too long to be cut off, and the main content cannot be identified in the capture part. Finally, the page is considered empty and short, not included.

Engineer’s suggestion:

1. JS is not recommended to generate the main content. If an error occurs in JS, the page content may be incorrectly read and cannot climb to the website where the page has been SEO optimized.

2. If the website is optimized for crawling, the recommended page length should not be too long within 128K.

3. Optimize reptile capture and put the subject content in front to avoid incomplete content caused by capture and cutting.

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