Optimized keyword classification

Keywords are the most basic knowledge in SEO optimization. How to classify? Today, Enterprise Cloud brings you knowledge of keyword classification, hoping to help you.

Core keywords of traditional classification: core 2/3 keywords are usually the highest index and website theme.

Second-level Keywords: the difficulty of optimizing core keywords is slightly lower than that of website themes.

Popular Keywords: the latest and most popular words.

Long tail keywords: enhanced core keywords and secondary keywords. For example, the core keyword SEO optimization tutorial can be SEO optimization video tutorial.

Search purpose navigation Keywords: If you want to enter JD.com, you do not want to enter a URL, and the search engine ranks first in JD.com.

Transaction Keywords: such as notebook price and floor price.

Information Key words: how to operate scientifically.

Popular keywords: Recently popular words or high index or high commercial value.

General Keywords: General index or commercial value.

Unpopular Keywords: people pay less attention to searching for fewer numbers. Generally speaking, few people are unpopular, but ranking is easy to convert seo optimization tutorial post bar.

Four normal Keywords: General keywords, such as SEO,SEO optimization, network promotion, network marketing, and new media operations.

Long tail keywords: it also includes multiple restricted words and question words, such as SEO optimization video and SEO optimization video tutorial SEO network optimization.

Five main auxiliary Keywords: some main keywords on the website, such as core keywords and secondary keywords.

Auxiliary Keywords: auxiliary key words, such as Long tail word popular words.

Sixth industry keywords: Words of related industries. For example, words in the SEO industry include SEO and SEO optimization.

Keywords of related industries: Words of related industries. For example, the languages of SEO-related industries include website construction and self-media.

7. Keywords of products and service products: the name of the company’s products is keywords. For example, Xiaomi 6 mobile phone.

Service Keywords: The service names provided by the company are keywords. For example, a remote computer is installed.

Keywords of eight market competitive brands: Company brands such as Xiaomi..

Keywords of competitive brands: for brands of other companies, seo optimization tutorial post bar is like a living body.

9 keywords for consumption decisions: users are confused when searching for these words. Is xxx effective?.

Interest Keywords: users are interested in searching for these words. Is such a product particularly interesting?.

Compare Keywords: users compare some products when searching for these words. For example, is Xiaomi 6 good or iPhone8 good?.

Decision Keywords: users search for these words to decide whether to purchase. For example, where is Xiaomi 6 sales outlets? I want to buy it.

Keywords of ten other keywords: no target.

To some extent, these keywords are difficult to lead to the waste of human and financial resources. If only wood floor sellers do not use floor as the core keyword. If the company is strong and wants to be the first in the industry, it is certainly possible.

Alias Keywords: such as computer alias computer.

Time Keywords: as the latest.

Wrong keywords: When we search for it, it is often easy for us to type wrong words, such as Boner turning, seo optimization tutorial post bar but current search engines use the returned results of intelligent identification errors as the content of Bone

Q & A Keywords: Baidu knows Tianya Q & A and other Q & A platforms. We can find many such words, such as what SEO is.

Regional Keywords: Named after provincial names and city names. Such as high city in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province.

Remote Keywords: the number of user searches is small, but it is generally accurate enough and the conversion rate is high.

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The core of web page optimization includes several aspects.

The core of web page optimization mainly includes the following aspects:

Analyze 1meta tags.

There are three main parts of META tags, and the rest of them are very good. In terms of importance, it definitely occupies a very important position in page optimization. Try not to accumulate too many keywords. If it is a long title, it can contain 1/2 keywords and carefully write keywords to optimize the page too close. Even if the search engine no longer considers the ranking of pages, at least it will remind the search engine. If the tag contains a keyword, the search engine marks the tag in red. If a good tag is described, you can increase the click-through rate of the page.

2 Text optimization.

Analysis: The most important factor of this article is how to include keywords in the composition of college entrance examination. Use keywords as titles and write naturally around keywords. Do not insert keywords that need optimization directly into the article. For example, this article is an article about website construction, but there is a beauty keyword Hefei seo optimization. One of the biggest features is its strong readability. Another important factor in article content page optimization is trying to use synonyms of keywords in articles. For example, when introducing the content of website construction, when talking about website construction, you can use the website to make website design and other related word groups.

3h/ALT tag.

Analysis: The H tag mainly includes the H1H2 tag H1, which indicates that the headline H2 is a subtitle. Tags after H3 are rarely used in articles. According to this meaning, the most important keywords are set in H1 tags and keyword-related word groups, and then the H2 tags are pushed back in turn. In fact, for the optimization of Web content pages, the role of H1H2 tags is weakening, but from the writing of general pages, the title of the article. It should appear on the small tag on the H1 tag. Since it is difficult for search engines to read images, Hefei seo needs to add an ALT tag in general writing. Of course, the understanding of pictures also plays a certain role.

Four keyword layouts.

Analysis: The most important position in keyword layout is the beginning, especially at the beginning of the first phase, you need to include a keyword and then the middle text. The end of the 2/3 keyword or synonym article also contains a keyword. Another concept in keyword layout is keyword density. In the past few years, many SEO elders suggested that the keyword density of this page should remain between 2% and 9%, which is actually updated with the update of search engine algorithms. Keyword density is no longer so important. Search engines can easily understand the central idea expressed in articles. If this article is written according to the general proposition composition, then the keywords will naturally appear in the first paragraph and the middle of the article. There is no need to consider the density of keywords.

5 streamline code.

Analysis: One of the main purposes of simplifying code is to reduce the noise of search engines when analyzing website pages. For spiders, the most important thing to enter the page is that the text in the page is the whole optimization of Hefei seo, such as those structural codes, annotations, etc. Therefore, the first step to simplify the code is to write Javascript code to DIVCSS as well as external calling code. Try to pay less attention to the code. The core idea of simplifying code is that anyone who can use external files can use external files as much as possible. Try to show a small amount of CSS code in the text.

Disclaimer: The article “The core of SEO Web page optimization has several aspects” comes to the internet. The opinions expressed in the article do not represent the views of this site. The copyright of the article belongs to the original author. If there is infringement, please contact the webmaster of this site to handle it!