What should Shaanxi optimization do

How to optimize SEO optimization can help your website obtain traffic from search engines and improve its profitability. But how should website operators do SEO? What is SEO optimization? What should SEO do? A great cat will tell everyone. According to our own optimization experience, SEO is actually a very detailed, complicated and trivial work, but after some practical work. As long as there are enough key points, you will find that SEO optimization is not difficult. First point: Select a domain name without penalty from search engines or domain names in sandboxes. By slowing down or slowing down website Collection and ranking, these domain names are more than twice that of traditional domain names. Domain name is the best choice to select an old domain name. It has not been punished or executed on any illegal website. Second: most people are building a website, using open source code programs, Xiamen seo optimization company and also very important in SEO optimization. It is recommended to choose a program that plays an excellent role in optimization, such as Dream Empire and weaving. For many people, optimization is also very good. Third point: SEO optimization of long-term solutions for content creation (always closely related to content innovation) indicates that a good cat text can process the original content of your website. Even if you only send one original article every day, it is better not to collect other people’s articles, not including most articles or some websites. If you think it is troublesome to write SEO articles, you can also write beautiful cat and SEO original articles. Good cat has been writing for many years. We have become accustomed to the writing method of SEO Xiamen seo optimization company. If necessary, please contact. The fourth point: the composition of the inner chain is mainly related to the list page. Links can pass weight. Generally, if the home page weight of a website is greater than the list page, the home page weight of the website is greater than the article page. So, if you want to write a word on the homepage, it is recommended that you show it in your article when you publish it. Then connect the keywords to the homepage of the website to track the weight of your homepage. Fifth: the exchange of friendship links of friend chain is very necessary. The exchange of friendship links can increase the frequency of search engine spiders by jungle gym, and can also help convey weights and rankings. Friendship chain has always played an important role in SEO optimization. The above is the sharing of SEO optimization. This is probably the aspect. Other operators of this website should continue to execute them. Xiamen seo optimization company, for example, publishes original articles or exchanges friends on their website every day. This is very necessary. In fact, the most important thing in SEO optimization is to create content and exchange friends. If you can do both, it will be of great help to your website ranking.

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What is technology for Google optimization?

What is seo technology for Google optimization?

Seo(SearchEngineOptimization) is a popular online marketing method. The main purpose is to increase the exposure rate of specific keywords, improve the visibility of websites and increase sales opportunities. It is divided into SEO outside the station and SEO inside the station. SEO’s main job is to understand how various search engines capture Internet pages and determine their search results for specific keywords. By optimizing web pages, the ranking of search engines can be improved, the number of visits to websites can be increased, and finally the sales ability or publicity ability of websites can be improved.

SEO technology generally has two aspects: Station SEO technology and station SEO technology.

What is the SEO technology of the station?

SEO technology of this radio station refers to making the website more friendly to search engines through a series of radio station optimization, which is more conducive to website Collection and user experience. We call it the SEO technology of the station.

So what is the SEO technology of the station?

The link structure of the station.

Try to change the original image link and flash link, use plain text link, and define the entire unified link location.

Reset 2 prompt interview seo Google optimized.

The title must contain optimized keywords. Many page titles on the website are different. At least the keyword-website homepage-can be displayed, which is a simple description keyword. Once the title is confirmed, don’t modify it again!

The frequency of the three keywords.

After making simple adjustments to the content structure, log on to the search engine immediately, hoping to include new titles and descriptions as soon as possible.

4 website structure adjustment.

Assume that the original website uses more flash lights and images, because the original website uses more flash lights and images. These web page elements are not conducive to the inclusion of search engines, so three columns are added to the bottom of the web page. Related companies introduce keyword product news and company keyword product list, and add a girl in the third column.

Of course, the best way is to use the news system to update keyword Product News. You can describe the detailed description of the link from the home page to a single page. The description of this page includes the company keyword product list link. These are all to form a network structure on the Enterprise website.

Station SEO optimization needs to avoid the following points.

1. There is no title on the web page or no valid keyword in the title.

2. There are fewer effective keywords in the web text for interview seo and Google optimization.

3. Website navigation system makes search engines unable to understand.

4. A large number of dynamic pages make search engines unable to retrieve.

5. The website is full of spam that spoils search engines, such as transition page, Bridge page color and background color.

What is off-site SEO technology?

Off-site search engine technology can also be said to be the influence from external websites to search engine rankings, and these external factors are beyond the control scope of websites. The most useful external website factor is backlinks, which we call external links. There is no doubt that external links play an important role in search engine result pages.

What does SEO technology outside the station usually do? Generally, external connections are made to websites.

How to generate high-quality backlinks?

1. The best way to generate high-quality external links for high-quality content is to write high-quality content. Your article can make readers have the desire to read and reprint this article.

2. Link exchange between partners and link between partners. Connect to websites related to industrial websites.

3. Classify directories.

Submit the website to the Yahoo directory in the DMOZ directory and some professional directory websites in the RDP directory.

4. Social bookmark..

Join Baidu search Yahoo collection Google Bookmark QQ bookmark and other social bookmark interview seo Google optimized.

5. Release the blog creation link.

One of the most effective ways to obtain external links is to publish blog articles.

6 forum posts or signed files.

Insert the original post and forum link or signature file into the website.

Buy a high-value link.

Search engines do not recommend this method to find that it will be reduced.

Conduct SEMSEO overall solution with SEO business partners.

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