Basic Optimization “dry goods”, simplified website code details

The website code is a hard injury to Baidu. In SEO optimization, the simplified code starts to be substantially simplified when the website background is started to be produced. Then, is there any omission in the “fine” website code, as we all know, doing SEO involves a wide range, and it is inevitable that some of them will be forgotten. The following Cai Jiang SEO will take you back to the basics. SEO code optimization articles worth collecting ~

Simplified code

In SEO, code simplification refers to removing and reducing unnecessary code on the page, reducing the overall page volume of the website, improving the browsing fluency of the website and improving the user experience, in addition, code optimization and simplification can effectively improve the friendliness of search engines.

Whether it is CMS or SEO’s own development background, code simplification is a necessary step. Now most websites are eager to package all functions and add a large number of unnecessary website plug-ins, however, these plug-ins themselves are unfavorable to search engines, so effectively reducing these types of plug-ins is also beneficial to websites. However, the simplification of website code is roughly attributed to the following aspects.

1. Clean up junk code

2. HTML tag conversion

3. CSS optimization

4. JS optimization

Detailed explanation of the above four points code simplification SEO optimization;

1. Common junk code cleanup

Most SEO webmasters habitually write code with space bar, and many code editing tools also have space bar code options. For convenience, a large amount of space bar accumulation will occur. Don’t think that if the volume is small, you don’t have to worry about it. If the accumulation is too much, it will still lead to abnormal bloat of our website, which is not conducive to spider capture;

Many webmasters use DIV + CSS to define the font, color, and page module layout of text in CSS, however, style and font are also used in many places to define fonts again. These codes are duplicate codes and belong to streamlined codes.

Code cleaning Summary: habits generate a sense of distance. Only optimization can briefly describe the “long distance” beauty between you and search engines.

2. HTML tag conversion

Considering from the website page, tag optimization is a long thing to do. When writing a tag, you can select a short tag to replace a long tag with the same effect, search engines believe that short dart flags with consistent functions, such as “” and “”, have the same functions as bold labels, however, “” is 5 characters more than “”. If the website has multiple short characters that need to be bold, the code can be simplified, and other codes are the same;

Summary of tag conversion: the love of long and short hands. The longer your hand reaches, the more you can’t catch the search engine. Only when your hand is short can the search engine hold your hand.

3. CSS optimization

CSS is an abbreviation of cascadingstylesheet, which is a Cascading Style Sheet. This part of code is commonly used to control the overall layout, text, colours and background code writing CSS is called in DIV + CSS mode in code optimization, which can avoid page production, garbage code generation and code duplication.

CSS optimization Summary: hiding is the most realistic code optimization, which is not conducive to capture.

4. JS optimization

The so-called JS is the abbreviation of javascript. For search engines, such layout cannot be understood, JS cannot be parsed, and such content cannot be effectively sorted out without understanding, so search engines are unfriendly to JS, then the content we use cannot be put into JS. JS optimization is mainly to avoid JS code occupying an important position in the page space and putting some content that is not expected to be seen by search engines.

JS optimization summary: the so-called JS doesn’t even understand the search engine. Are there so many useless plug-ins added to Zhou Zhang?

Based on a comparative analysis, four basic points of SEO code simplification are analyzed. Currently, mainstream CMS systems need code simplification, and according to different situations, SEO optimizers also need to use different methods for code optimization, so it is also a necessary means for SEO to learn different solutions according to different situations.