How to optimize on The Flash website

Flash websites are more dynamic and beautiful, but people still lack the optimization technology of Flash websites. Therefore, SEO optimization of Flash websites has become a universal attention question people. Let’s talk about how to optimize SEO for Flash websites.

A few years ago, Google and adobei announced a new algorithm, although it has made some progress. It is still difficult for search engines to capture flash lamps, so we also ensure that the effective design standards of flash lamps are compatible with various browsers. Effective search engine optimization should also be carried out.

We can use the Javascript () function of the open source SWFObject function, which can be recognized by the search. Let’s briefly introduce SWFOBJECT2.0:

SWFOBJECT is an independent and flexible Javaash file. How can seo code be optimized for inserting AdobeFlash media resources into HTML. It is very consistent with the principles of search engine optimization. In addition, it can avoid non-standard tags, such as OBJECTEMBED in your HTMLXHTML.

If you want to enhance optimization in flash, then you should understand SIFR technology.

SIFR said that ScalableInmanFlashReplacement is a scalable InmanFlash replacement technology. It is implemented through flash JSCSS. How can seo code be optimized without replacing Chinese elements on the page. Render more subtle and accurate text. Using SIFR, you can define any text font in the WEB, even if it is not installed in the client browser. SIFR uses the flash rendering font effect to smoothly remove text aliasing. You can easily obtain various text effects, such as using CSS to control text.

However, an obvious disadvantage of SIFR is that it can only deal with a simple introduction word, such as a menu. Slides and other interactive Flash websites can’t help optimizing seo code.

Therefore, when search engines are immature, we should try our best to simplify Flash pages. Otherwise, the loading speed will slowly affect the packaging of the search engine and create a separate HTML page to guide it.

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